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With over 20 years combined property management experience, we are prepared to handle all of your leasing and management needs. If you need to rent from a quality management company, or if you need a professional manager to help minimize the risks of being a landlord, you have come to the right place!We are a professional real estate management company providing hands on responsive management services for homes, condos and small multifamily buildings. Find out why owners appreciate our thorough tenant screening and our active involvement with the property – and find out why tenants like our responsive communication and courteous demeanor.

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Why Hire Daniel D Smith & Associates?

We understand the Arizona real estate market and will effectively promote your rental property to minimize the vacancy period, and maximize the rental amount.

We have policies in place with strict tenant screening process. We review a prospective tenant’s credit history, verify current employment, verify rental history and thoroughly screen for past evictions. We also do criminal background checks, bad check search, and driver’s license verification search. We also do verbal verification of references, including current and past rental history, present employment, and banking references. Our motto is “Be Vigilant or Be Sorry” when it comes to tenant placement.

We maintain and keep your rental property in good condition. Keeping a quality tenant involves providing great customer service and making sure your property is in its best possible condition at all times. Once we have a great tenant in place, our next goal is to keep your tenant for as long as possible. A great tenant is your #1 long term economic asset. Keeping good tenants happy is our priority.

We track income and expenses and prepare monthly and annual reports. We pay our owners on no later than the 15th of the month through direct ACH deposit which allows you to receive your funds as quickly as possible.

Along with your payment, we email (or mail) a monthly statement which details all income and expenses for the month.

Our rent collection policy is tough, but fair. Rental payments are due on the first of the month. Our rent collection involves sending a Five-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit if rent is later than two days.

We comply with all federal, state, and local laws. We take the landlord/tenant laws very seriously and are constantly monitoring the laws that govern your rental property.