Tempe Properties Need Proper Care

Tempe is more than just a college town, but often times those are the people renting homes. Whether you live close to Mill or more of a suburban life, we understand the difference in your property management needs. Regardless of your situation, Daniel D. Smith & Associates can help you maintain your rental property. With processes developed over years, we know how to handle your tenants professionally, resolve issues and concerns, and provide the best service possible all while inconveniencing you as little as possible.

Many of our clients live outside of the United States, or in another state. If you fall into this category we are aware of the additional concerns that come from being so far away. We are happy to provide you with the extra care and contact needed to feel secure in the knowledge that your Tempe property is okay and your assets are protected.

People want to live in Tempe. If you own a home or property here, you are in a perfect situation to leverage your property as an income property. If you are merely looking to fill it because you are moving out of state, traveling, or for any other reason, you can trust us to help ensure your Tempe property is well cared for and maintained while you are away.